The web page contains high-resolution zoomable technical images of works published in the volume Zoltán Kárpáti and Eszter Seres, Raphael: Drawings in Budapest, Budapest 2013 (ISBN 978-615-5304-20-0), issued on the occasion of the exhibition The Triumph of Perfection: Raphael: Drawings and Prints from the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, from 18 December, 2013 to 30 March, 2014.

The volume focuses on the six drawings by Raphael preserved in the collection and for the first time, discusses Raphael’s celebrated painting, the Esterházy Madonna, containing clearly visible underdrawings, in the context of drawings. During the preparation of the exhibition and the volume, a research project was carried out by András Fáy, chief conservator of the Museum of the Fine Arts, Budapest, on Raphael’s drawings and the Esterházy Madonna. Ultraviolet and infrared imaging provided information on the materials of the drawings and their condition. In the case of drawings, ultraviolet radiation was applied in the property of 366 nm and infrared in the range of 1100–1200 nm. The Esterházy Madonna was also examined with ultraviolet reflective imaging technique at 403 nm.

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